Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of modalities, each of which can guide us in developing a custom treatment experience just for you.

Because our focus is on putting together exactly what you specifically need, regardless of the technique involved, there is no variation in price between the modalities.

Here are the types of massage we offer:

  • Swedish Massage

    Basic relaxation massage. Massage starts with relaxation always. The environment around us causes the stress that can be the root cause of many negative things in our lives.

  • Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular therapy

    Normal deep tissue is a deeper working of the muscles but when coupled with Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) it offers longer lasting relief than a typical deep tissue. We work the muscle in a few different ways from origin to insertion using Trigger Point Therapy, Positional Release, and assisted stretching.

  • Sports Massage

    This modality is perfect for sporting events and can be divided into 3 types:

    • Pre-event

      A fast paced, more aggressive friction of the muscles to reduce fatigue and prepare the body for optimal athletic performance.

    • Post-event

      A deep, fluid working of the muscles done after physical exertion to facilitate the movement of lactic acid, decrease muscle cramping, and affect the overall recovery of the muscle from your athletic event.

    • Sports injury

      Stiff knee? Old shoulder injury that never quite healed right? Ankle pain? I can work with scar tissue and joint capsules over time to reduce or eliminate pain from old injuries and even scaring from past surgeries.

  • Myofascial Release

    You and your muscles are encased in fascia. Fascia are what holds your body together. Using minimal lotion or oil, this modality serves to release the most stubborn muscles by engaging the fascia under the skin, on top of the muscles, and even the individual muscle fibers.

  • TMJ therapy

    We all know someone whose jaw clicks when they eat or talk. Grinding the teeth at night can also impact jaw tightness and balance which can cause headaches alongside jaw pain. Our approach to releasing the jaw is structured and thorough.

  • Visceral Manipulation

    A massaging of the abdomen and accompanying organs that can provide relief from constipation, acid reflux, and small gallstones. It can also widen breathing capacity, speed metabolism and bring some relief from depression symptoms.

  • Craniosacral therapy

    Positional holding done along the body (mostly the spine) that facilitates the flow of cerebral spinal fluid that runs from your sacrum to your cranium. It is extremely relaxing and one of the more minimally invasive modalities available.

  • Lymphatic drainage

    Provides relief from enlarged lymph vessels and edema. Great for those who have specific medical conditions that require movement of lymph fluid.

  • Pre-natal

    Relaxing massage done side-lying and semi-reclining with a focus on the specific needs one can expect when expecting.

  • Shiatsu

    A specific focus on the accupressure channels of the body. Great for people who need deep full body release but don’t like general flow of a typical lotion massage.

  • Reflexology

    A thorough working of the feet, hands and sometimes ears which touch spots some believe correspond to different organs and centers of the body.