Seth Gentry

Seth is a Clinical Massage and Stretch Therapist of 14 years experience with 10 years practicing in Los Angeles.

Trained in Santa Barbara, he has worked in a wide variety of spas, therapeutic wellness centers, and athletic facilities providing customized massage and stretching.

His comprehensive and thorough approach to the total body has helped bring many bodies, ranging from athletes to office workers, into balance.

Seth will begin sessions with Fascial Stretching to help open and relax the body, as well as to get a 3D perspective of problem areas. He will then finish the session with a customized combination of deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage or any other modalities as needed. His goals are in creating more fluid motion, relaxing the nervous system, reaching your flow state, and keeping you active in life.

Shelly Choi

Shelly is a certified health professional and has spent the majority of her active life as a California beach native.  Through her driving goal to abundantly thrive, she has received multiple streams of education and training with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects in wellness.  Her commitment is to deepen her level of consciousness and evolve her studies in several modalities to serve clients in their journey towards optimal holistic health.

Through your sessions together, she guides you in getting connected with your body.  Using the breath as your fuel to gain deeper awareness to increase ease, mobility, and circulation with the body’s innate intelligence.  After each visit, you will progress in your range of motion, embody more flow and unwind into relaxation. You may find her multi-faceted background in other therapies such as dance, kinesiology, myofascial/active release, PNF, thai massage, yoga, acrobatics, meditation, breath energetics called upon to enhance your assisted stretch.  Experience realigning and reorganizing your body goals with Shelly!